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Game Design Resources

I’m trying to gather up all the courses, workshops (online or not), videos and Top books on Game Design. Mostly video games (Table top optional).

An overview of the job of Game Designers

Online course (video and multimedia based)
  1. Lewis Pulsipher has some good courses in Udemy (bit oriented towards Tabletop)
  2. Coursera offers a range of Game Design courses
Books and Online Resources
  1. The Art of Game Design – Schell
  2. A Theory of fun – Raph Koster
  3. Agile Game Development with Scrum – Keith
  4. The Mythical Man Month – Brooks
  5. Game Mechanics : Advanced Game Design – Adams
  6. Designing the User Experience of Game Development Tools– David Lightbown
    The David author works inside Ubisoft as a user experience director. It is a very official and popular book.
  7. Game Design Workshop -Tracy Fullerton
    A decent book, but especially good for classes and workshops because it’s designed around exercises.
  8. Level Up! The Guide to Great Video Game Design – Scott Rogers
    Excellent, practical, hands-on book on game design that’s also a fun and enter
  9. A Visual Guide for Flow and Simplicity in Games (FREE)
Video tuts on Youtube and similar sites
  4. – ExtraCredits
  5.  Core game design principles every designer should learn.
  6. Action game design and how to properly implement juice.
  7. Game feel and juice.
  8. Game feel and juice.
  9. Game feel and juice.
  10. The path of a game developer.
  11. Designing games with decisions that matter.
  12. On good pixel art aesthetic.
  13. Real talk. How to potentially succeed in the face of failure.
  14. Game feel and juice.
  15. Game feel and juice.
  16. Retention Mechanics 101.
  17. Tutorials 101.
  18. Game challenge and balance.
  19. Retention Mechanics 101.
  20. Making a good first impression to hook in players.
  21. How to get into the right mindset for game dev success.
  22. How to make a good tutorial.
  23. Retention Mechanics 101.
  24. Game Career Coach