Flight Controller Oct02

Flight Controller

This is my entry to the Alt Ctrl Game Jam 2017. It’s a Toy Based Custom Controller for kids for playing Flight Simulator Games.

VR : Foot Controller Sep26

VR : Foot Controller

This is an android based VR demo which can be played with a custom foot controller. An attempt to solve the problem of ‘walking around’ in VR game.

Super Marionettes Mar10

Super Marionettes

Blog and update on my works on IoT based Puppets and Marionettes.

SpaceBatteship Shield Sep13

SpaceBatteship Shiel...

Announcement : This project has won the 2nd Place in AltCtrlGameJam. See you at Siggraph 2015 and GDC2015.   For day to day proceeding : Check this Unity forum thread >> AltCtrlGameJam Entry : SpaceBattleshipShield   SpaceBattleship Shield is a IoT based toy prototype which...