Tumblr Journal! Dec14

Tumblr Journal!

Finally started a journal/blog of my works and thoughts in Tumblr. This would be more of a personal blog rather than promotional stuff.

One game a month Jan02

One game a month

One game a month Okay. The big idea is.. To make super fast games with Unity and using Playmaker. How fast? I have to do one completed game a month. And if I succeed in doing so, I will make the game publicly available. If you don’t know what playmaker is. It’s a awesome FSM tool for programmers and non-programmers alike. Check it out. So, where to begin with..? I was checking this website. http://www.squidi.net/three/index.php Cool game mechanics. Would love to do them. What else? Let’s check some iphone toppers in http://appshopper.com/.  Angry birds, wipeout, cut the rope, temple run, doodle...

New website and blog! Jan02

New website and blog...

New year! New website! New blog! ..hey a new Logo too for Flyingrobots.