Game Design Resources Jun14

Game Design Resource...

I’m trying to gather up all the courses, workshops (online or not), videos and Top books on Game Design. Mostly video games (Table top optional). An overview of the job of Game Designers Online course...

Warfront Defenders is Greenlit!

Warfront Defenders: Westerplatte is the first game of a series of tactical mini games based on WW2.  It was recently greenlit on Steam and coming soon on PC. Thanks for all your support.


MISSING: Game for a cause is an adventure role playing game designed to allow players to experience what an abductee goes through when she is trafficked into the inhumane and cruel world of prostitution, a world into which millions of girls are lost every year.

VR : Foot Controller Sep26

VR : Foot Controller

This is an android based VR demo which can be played with a custom foot controller. An attempt to solve the problem of ‘walking around’ in VR game.

Infection Control

Fun and engaging game to practice infection control methods for medical students, doctors, physicians or nurses based on guidelines by Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health organization (WHO)

Word Bridge Puzzles

Word Bridge combines word recognition with trivia knowledge to form a truly modern puzzle solving experience.

Super Marionettes Mar10

Super Marionettes

Blog and update on my works on IoT based Puppets and Marionettes.

SpaceBatteship Shield Sep13

SpaceBatteship Shiel...

Announcement : This project has won the 2nd Place in AltCtrlGameJam. See you at Siggraph 2015 and GDC2015.   For day to day proceeding : Check this Unity forum thread >> AltCtrlGameJam Entry : SpaceBattleshipShield   SpaceBattleship Shield is a IoT based toy prototype which...

Lean Tween Actions

These PlayMaker Custom actions are for using LeanTween tweening engine through PlayMaker. These Scripts bridges Asset Playmaker and LeanTween, so it requires these two package to function.

Booze Run

As a Freshman run through the university with wonderful barriers.

Terra Forma

My Ludum Dare 29 Entry


  Heist PlayMaker Kit is a PC and Mobile Stealth Game Template. This project is made using Hutong Games Playmaker. And PlayMaker is needed to use this kit. The core mechanics reflects components of a stealth game with custom actions for FOV Mesh generation, Cone of Vision and...

PM Game

PMGAME got released in PMI Global Congress. So glad to see almost a year and half of work well recieved by the crowd. PMGAME is an educational game for project managers. This game will not only educate project managers by simulating real life project scenarios, but will serve as an evaluation...


  FPS PlayMaker Kit is an end to end PC and Mobile FPS Game Template. This project is made using Hutong Games PlayMaker. The core mechanics reflects FPS components with Enemy AI Pathfinding and behavior. This Kit also illustrates the usage of both Unity Mecanim and Legacy...

Endless Run

This is an Endless Run game project like Popular mobile title Temple Run. This project is made using Hutong Games Playmaker. Because it’s built with Playmaker it’s very easy to grasp the logic and the mechanics of the game. The core mechanics reflects generic 3D infinite...